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Stick Welders

Stick welders from Lincoln Electric for shielded metal arc welding (SMAW) use stick electrodes to weld mild steel, low alloy, stainless steels, cast iron, and hardfacing for repair, maintenance, and fabrication. Weld a wide range of materials and thicknesses in the shop or in the field.

AC-225 $480

AC/DC 225/125 $675

Invertec V155-S $996

Invertec V155-S TIG Ready-Pak $1,523

Invertec V275-S $2,498

Idealarc 250 $2,808

Idealarc 250 with Power Factor Capacitors $2,980

TIG Welders

Lincoln Electric TIG welders for (GTAW) gas tungsten arc welding offer AC and DC TIG welding on aluminum and other metals. Inverters are portable and ideal for critical applications including maintenance, fabrication, motorsports, automotive, piping, and shipbuilding.

Square Wave TIG 200 $1,661

Invertec V160-T $1,776

Precision TIG 225 $2,704

Precision TIG 225 Ready-Pak $2,865

Precision TIG 225 w/Cart Ready-Pak $3,094

Precision TIG 275 (208/230/460) $3,954

Precision TIG 275 (460/575) $4,240

Precision TIG 275 Ready-Pak $6,144

Precision TIG 375 (208/230/460) $6,270

Precision TIG 375 (230/460/575) $6,327

Precision TIG 375 Ready-Pak $8,482

Aspect 375 Base Model $5,616

Aspect 375 Ready Pak $7,680

MIG Welders

MIG welders for your wire welding applications include Power Mig welders for home, farm, auto body, maintenance or fabrication. Diamond Core Technology delivers a superior arc with a wide welding output range.

POWER MIG 140C $859

POWER MIG 180C $1,054

POWER MIG 180 Dual $1,191

POWER MIG 210MP Base Unit $1,432

POWER MIG 210MP Aluminum One-Pak $1,673

POWER MIG 210MP TIG One-Pak $2,028

POWER MIG 216 $2,028

POWER MIG 256 (208/230) $2,498

POWER MIG 256 (460/575) $2,808

POWER MIG 350MP $5,043

POWER MIG 350MP Trailer Mfg/Gen Fab One-Pak $7,749

POWER MIG 350MP Auto Body Repair One-Pak $7,749

POWER MIG 350MP AL Trailer Mfg/Gen Fab One-Pak $7,749

POWER MIG 350MP AL Auto Body Repair One-Pak $7,749

Engine Driven

Engine drives from Lincoln Electric are available in gas, diesel or LPG models. Commercial and industrial engine driven welders provide stick, TIG and wire welding in even the most extreme environments. Combine DC and/or AC welding with AC generator power for lights, grinders and other tools. Portable models allow you to set up almost anywhere.

Bulldog 5500 (Kohler) $2,028

Outback 145 (Kohler) $2,819

Outback 185 (Kohler) $3,254

Ranger 225 (Kohler) $3,930

Ranger 250 GXT - with Electric Fuel Pump $4,687

Ranger 305 G - with Electric Fuel Pump $5,364

Ranger 305 G EFI $6,178

Ranger 305 LPG $5,559

Ranger 305 D (Kubota T4F) $10,672

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