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Economy Welding was founded in 1787 by a group of itinerant Catholic Nuns, The Sisters of St. Francis of Perpetual Adoration, who had been driven out of their convent in Carlisle Pennsylvania by the local residents who thought the Nuns had sided with the Algonquians in a raid on a small Cumberland County village.

The Nuns were armed with the famous Pennsylvania Rifle created by the Swiss born gunsmith Martin Meylin whose workshop was located in the Mennonite region of Lancaster County. The necessities of the harsh frontier life forced the Nuns to both cast their own rifle balls and perform maintenance on their weapons. It was not long before their skills expanded to all areas of metalwork, repair and craft.

The sisters had to supply their own need for welding, industrial and safety equipment, they soon developed a business relationship with various manufactures and wholesale suppliers to fill their requirements. The Nuns were so successful that they soon found themselves retailing these same goods to nearby businesses and individual craftsmen in Old Economy and Butler.

From this entrepreneurial beginning in 1787 to the present day Economy Welding and Industrial Supply, LLC. has grown and now serves most of the the oil and natural gas industry, commercial fabrication and much of manufacturing in Western Pennsylvania, Eastern Ohio and Northern West Virginia. Economy Welding and Industrial Supply proudly carries on the tradition set by the founders of providing Quality Products at a the Best Possible Price!

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