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Let us manage your gas needs to assure that you never run out.

  1. We maintain an extensive inventory of cylinders and gasses.

  2. Our fleet of trucks bring these to your site as required.

  3. Sign Up for our keep full service.

Visit our store location to see the extensive selection of Welding Machines and Consumables.

  1. Stick Welders, TIG Welders Plasma Cutting Torches.

  2. Welding Wire, Rods, Flux.

  3. Cutting Tips.

We service Domestic Propane Bottles.

  1. Bring you empty to us for refilling.

  2. Best pricing around.

  3. Keep your bottle, no trade.

  4. We can refurbish your bottle.

We keep most safety supplies in stock in both stores.

  1. Protective Clothing.

  2. Helmets, Gloves, Goggles.

  3. Rod Holders, Carts to safely manage welding consumables.

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